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Antique Lamp Repair in the Greater Toronto Area

Don’t toss your treasurable and antique lamps into the garbage because they are broken. Bring them back to life with parts you won’t find anywhere else. Fix It Again Sam’s skilled technicians know the fine art of rewiring your lamps and strive to provide repair services of the highest standard. Whether it needs a new socket or complete rewiring, we can get them working again. From new finds to family heirlooms, we are the Greater Toronto Area’s trusted lamp repair shop.

We urge our customers to get their treasurable new and antique lamps serviced and completely rewired at our location and adorn the appearance of their homes. Visit us for more information. Trust us to provide guaranteed quality service for your in-shop lamp repair request in the Greater Toronto Area.

view of various ceiling lights
view of a chandelier
view of a lamp along with flower vases

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Maintain the Style of Your Home

Have your antique lighting fixtures working like new again with lamp repair services.

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